Brickwork Spalling

In construction ‘spalling’ refers to the flaking, cracking, peeling, crumbling or chipping of concrete or brickwork, particularly where parts of the surface might be said to have ‘blown’ off. This can occur as a result of water. 
Bricks will deteriorate through spalling as a result of moisture penetration, eventually, eventually resulting in brick cracking


Efflorescence is a deposit of water soluble salts formed on the surface of concrete and brick masonry due to movement of water through pores. When water gets evaporated, efflorescence is formed as the dissolved salts gets deposited on the surface.

Bossed wall

When water seeps through cracked or damaged render the water then freezes in cold weather and expands in warmer weather which can make the render come loose from the wall it has been applied to. This loose render will sound hollow if you tap on it, and this loose and hollow render is known as bossed render.
Water ingress through walls is relatively common. … Building faults – damaged or deteriorating mortar can lead to water ingress through the render. Any cracks in the brickwork or substrate will also allow water to get in.

Flaking Paint

The two main reasons for paint flaking are overpainting dirt or grease based contaminated walls and applying paint to porus, damp or powdery surfaces.